Interstellar – Bend space and time in order to bend your mind!


Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is a masterpiece. PERIOD. Nerds everywhere who revel in theories of the cosmos have their wet dreams come true. Nolan takes us on a journey that is pure Science Fiction based on Murphy’s Law – “Anything that can happen, will happen”. At the outset, I would recommend that the viewer brush up on a few key physics concepts like the Theory of Relativity, Theory of the Multiverse, Space-Time continuum, Worm Holes and Black Holes. The film is engrossing and enjoyable even if you don’t know these concepts, but the added background knowledge would make you appreciate it on another level. This is no Space Opera.

At its core, Interstellar is a story revolving around that prime instinct of being human – The will to survive. The film raises several questions like – Is ours the only universe? What would happen if we had access to higher dimensions and not limited to just 3? Where does the line lie between science and spirituality? How far can one travel within the realms of aweewe-820x420physics? Could there be planets similar to earth that could sustain lives?  What happens when one enters a black hole or a worm hole? This and several more deep possibilities are explored and portrayed beautifully on screen in what according to me is the best film of the decade so far. It is very clear that Nolan has researched the shit out of this subject matter. He has managed to provide visuals to famous theories that we have heard of but never seen.

Its almost impossible to give the story without spoilers. Just a gist then. Earth is at its last phase before it enters the Wall-E phase! Dust everywhere, food scarce and no hope in sight. As a last Interstellar24ditch effort, humans send a crew to explore planets of other galaxies in search of habitable conditions. The crew consists of Cooper(Matthew McConaughey), Amelia(Anne Hathaway) among others. Cooper shares a special bond with his daughter Murf(Jessica Chastain) whom he has to leave back on Earth! The rest of the story is a space advanture with various scenarios thrown at the crew that they have to overcome. Simultaneously, the effect on Murf on Earth and Cooper’s son, Tom(Casey Affleck) as they fight to survive in uninhabitable conditions. This emotional bond that the father and daughter share forms the crux of the film around which the entire epic saga unfolds.

Nolan clearly is the winner here. An Oscar is mandatory. He never loses sight of the characters in this ambitious project that so easily could have been a sloppy mess. How many times have we gone for a movie because the trailer was promising, but that was it. Here, however, the film far surpasses the teaser and emerges as a deep, thought provoking images
piece of sci-fi. When handling a big budget project like Interstellar, it is very easy to get carried away with special effects and over the top indulgences. Fortunately, Interstellar manages to keep its head on its shoulder and satisfy viewers abundantly. Trust me when I say the film has all the ingredients to be a talking point in all Science classes in school.

The acting, usually in a sci-fi film takes a backseat as directors prefer to let the effects take center stage. Here however, Matthew McConaughey absolutely nails it as the mission man father interstellar_alonging for his kids. His facial expressions and dialogue delivery hit all the right notes. The rest of the cast all support ably. A special mention to the background score by Hans Zimmer. All these aspects combined with the sure hand of Christopher Nolan and the backing by the Scientific community, it is absolute symphony on celluloid best enjoyed on the biggest of screens. This was meant as an immersive experience and Nolan delivers and how! So put on your thinking caps and don’t miss Interstellar – this generation’s 2001 A Space Odyssey.


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